Key features

CyberSecure offers a host of important features that protect data across thousands of mission critical customers

Incredible monitoring

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Improves visibility on your systems

Our advanced technology automatically monitors hundreds of metrics in your backups.

When thresholds are triggered our system automatically raises it with our team and we investigate the issue.

We often find that issues with the backups are a marker for underlying infrastructure issues, which we escalate to and work with your IT administrators.


Simple weighted overall score

Scores are aggregated across multiple machines and sites so you always have clear picture on which devices require attention.

Easy to read single report

Our backup reports have been designed from the ground up to provide a clear and concise single-pane-of-glass view of the overall health of your backups.

The easy to understand overall score ranks the health of your backups from hundreds of metrics, which are weighted according to their severity.

Rather than receiving multiple emails from different applications, you'll receive a single summary report regardless of the underlying backup technology.

If there are no issues detected, your report is scored 100% and marked as "healthy".


Fully managed SLA

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Reduces IT management overhead and costs

Save time by freeing up your IT administrators to focus on tasks other than managing and supporting the backups.

Save costs and improve efficiency by having a fully budgeted, fixed-price service with no extra charges for ongoing maintenance and support.

Solution design and advice

Our specialist team provides ongoing advice and solution design so you can leverage the latest in data protection.

Experts watch over your backups

Reduce risk by having CyberSecure's specialists watching over and supporting your backups.

As specialists we identify, investigate and resolve backup issues extremely efficiently.

Data retention

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Go "back in time" and restore past backups

Backups are retained according to a data retention policy that you specify.

The storage capacity required for retention depends on the rate of change of your data.

Basic retention

Provides a simple rolling retention window up to 14 days. (Available in BRONZE BASIC)

Advanced retention

Enables more complex retention specified in days, weeks and months. (Available in BRONZE PREMIUM and SILVER)

Superior retention

Can handle thousands of backups covering years of data retention. Retention can be specified in minutes, hours, days, weeks, quarters, months and years. (Available in GOLD)

Bare metal restoration

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Restore to different hardware

Hardware independent restore means that you can restore to dissimilar hardware. Perform physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual-to-virtual (V2V), even virtual-to-physical (V2P) is possible, making machine migrations easily achievable.

Restoration is done via a bootable CD/ISO image and works on a wide variety of platforms both physical and virtual.

Restore entire machines in a single step

Bare-metal restore enables the restoration of the entire operating system, applications, settings and data in a single process.

Restore in Microsoft Azure public cloud

Restore entire virtual machines from backup images to the Azure public cloud.

Near-continuous data protection

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Reduces your data loss to a minimum

Our GOLD package delivers backups down to 5 minute increments on bulk data with system images being backed up every 15 minutes.

SILVER supports backups down to every 15 minute interval.

Extremely efficient backups

Backups are more efficient thanks to changed block tracking that knows exactly which parts of the disk have changed and only needs to process those, rather than scanning the entire data set for changes resulting in less processing overhead.

CyberSecure storage hardware

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Ultra-reliable architecture

Our storage appliances feature:
  • Highly reliable OS running from industrial grade mirrored flash.
  • Highly redundant storage resilient against storage device failure.
  • Enterprise grade solid state (SSD) and hard drives (HDD).
  • Error-correcting memory protects data in RAM and in-flight from corruption.
  • Error-correcting filesystem protects data at rest from corruption.
  • Redundant power supplies with auto-failover. (enterprise and datacentre series only)
  • Hardware watchdog recovers system even during operating system failure. (enterprise and datacentre series only)
  • Trunked 10 gigabit networking. (datacentre series only)

Advanced modular design

Highly modular, hardware independent design unique to CyberSecure, components are replaceable and upgradeable.

Continuous updates

Your storage appliance is constantly updated with the latest performance and reliability improvements via our cloud orchestration framework.

Constantly monitored

Proactive monitoring of software and hardware components, backed by our fully managed SLA.

Any issues are reported back through our monitoring systems and are investigated by our specialists. Failing components are identified and replaced under our proactive warranty service.

Proactive hardware warranty

Not only is your hardware monitored but it is also fully covered by a perpetual active replacement hardware warranty with an active CyberSecure service plan.

CyberSecure optimised architecture

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Robust and scalable storage architecture

Our innovative architecture cleanly separates systems from bulk data, resulting in a massive improvement in data protection and restore speed.

Removes storage management headaches

Enables advanced features such as:
  • Near-continuous snapshots to mitigate data loss down to 5 minutes.
  • Superior data retention to allow years worth of backups to be retained and easily browsable.
  • Instant restoration that enables super fast recovery from major incidents such as ransomware infection.
  • Windows previous versions integration allows restore directly from Windows machines with no 3rd party software to install or maintain.
  • File change auditing provides a complete audit trail of how files are being changed and by who on your network.

Easy scalability

Proven to scale to hundreds of TBs in production. Simply snap-in new storage and the system expands automatically.

Bit-rot source data protection

Protects source data from corruption using cryptographic checksums and self-healing.

Reduces virtualisation footprint

Dramatically reduces your virtualisation storage footprint and optimises your virtual machine backup sizes.

Active directory integration

Integrates with Active Directory to propagate user and group permissions for seamless integration into your network.

File change auditing

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Tracks file activity and provides audit trails

Like a security camera on your data, the following changes are recorded in realtime:
  • File/folder creations
  • File/folder deletions
  • File/folder renames
  • File/folder moves
  • Username
  • Source IP address
See which users have modified files, track back through time to trace security incidents, suspicious activity and sources of malware on your network.

Ransomware and malware identification and response

Critical for ransomware incident post-mortem, allows the administrator to identify exactly when the malware got into the system, from which computer and which user account was compromised.

Once the infected machine or user account has been identified, data can be instantly restored.

Find changes between backups

View which files have modified, added, deleted or moved between backups.

Instant bulk data restore

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Restore any amount of data within seconds

Bypasses the need for a traditional full restore, even TBs of data can be restored in seconds, excellent for ransomware restoration.

Zero loss restoration

Non-destructive restore means that infected backups are quarantined and retained allowing users to restore clean files that were updated after the restored backup.

Windows previous versions integration

Native previous versions integration enables restoration of individual files and folders from any windows machine without 3rd party software to install or maintain.

Private cloud sync

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Your own dropbox service

Private file sync service that provides easy file sharing across multiple computers and devices. Similar to dropbox or google drive, however it's private to your organisation and allows you to maintain complete control.

Private and secure

Your own private file sync service, managed, backed up and supported by CyberSecure.

Protects data confidentiality by using TLS encryption and password protected link sharing.

Highly scalable

Allows easy and scalable growth with no per-user licence fees.

Private/public file sharing

Easily share files both internally and with customers or suppliers whilst maintaing access control.

Time based expiry links

Allows complete control over when shared links are available.

Mobile enabled

iPhone/Android app enables file sharing, viewing and editing on mobile devices.

Fully monitored and supported

Includes our legendary monitoring and technical support direct from CyberSecure's Australian based service team.